Our furniture consignments are done on a 60 day agreement with a 50/50 split of the sale of your items and including credit card processing fees.  We consign used furniture, antiques, home decor, as well as other items. There is a $1.00 charge for each item that we tag, inventory and display. It will be taken out of your first payout.

How do I get started?
You are welcome to call & describe your items or the easiest…is to send us a picture. We will evaluate whether it is something we think we have the market for. If you don’t have access to email or a digital camera, come to the store with a traditional photo. Smaller, more portable items can be brought directly to the shop for evaluation.

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Home Furniture Consignment - Lancaster, OH
How do I prepare my items?
As you prepare to bring your items to the shop, ask yourself, “Would I buy it in its current condition?”  If not, take a minute to dust, polish, clean or vacuum your item.  We may not accept items that are not adequately prepared for sale - and if we do, we may charge a handling fee to clean, polish, touch-up, repair, etc.  Attention to details will make the difference in how well and item looks and sells.  Remember, the key to a profitable sale of used furniture is quality control and presentation!

What is not accepted?
Please do not be offended if we do not accept all your items.  Experience with used and antique furniture has shown what will and won’t sell.  The Home Store Etc., reserves the right to accept and sell items we determine to be saleable.  Items that are missing parts or broken will not be accepted.  All items must be clean, in good condition, currently in style and in demand.  We may not accept items housed in a smoking or pet environment. We retain the right to decline items for consignment based on current inventory levels, asking price, condition or past experience.
Definite “No’s”:  Appliances, Household & Kitchen Essentials, Pianos, Musical Instruments, Armoires that held box TV’s, Sweepers, Cars, Clothing, Electronics (i.e. cameras, computers), Mattresses, Bedding & Linens, Toys & Games (unless vintage in the original packaging), Sports or Camping Equipment, Luggage, Unframed Artwork, Posters, Exercise Equipment, Photo Albums, Pet supplies, Personal or Medical Supplies, Paperback Books, Souvenir Items, Videos, Tapes, CD’s, Records, Building Materials, Hardware, Candles, Power Tools, Garage Sale Items, Dried Flower arrangements, & Old floral arrangements.
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